How to make sure your elderly relatives are safe during the pandemic

Seniors are more likely to catch COVID-19, the disease caused by the novel coronavirus. Why are the elderly more vulnerable to COVID-19? There are both physical and social conditions. Around the world, figures show a horrific toll of deaths, typically occurring in those older than 60 years old, with at least one underlying comorbidity. Older people also have isolation challenges, having smaller social networks and they’re more prone to loneliness. If you’re caring for older loved ones, it’s understandable if you’re worried. In this article, we’ll share what you need to know to keep your elderly relatives safe during the pandemic.

Don’t visit your elderly relatives just yet

After months in isolation, you’re eager to see the people that matter to you the most. Before heading over to the home of parents or older relatives, you might want to weigh in the risks. As stated earlier, the elderly are at a higher risk of contracting COVID-19 and developing serious complications. It’s therefore recommended to avoid unnecessary social contact until the pandemic has passed. If you do decide to make the trip, take precautions. Maintain good hygiene and take good care when interacting with an older loved one.

Provide assistance with food and meals

Preparing healthy and satisfying meals can be more than older people can do and their diet suffers because of this. Work with them to create a shopping list ahead of time. Your older loved ones shouldn’t end up with nothing to eat. They should live a quality life in their own home with healthy, tasty food to enjoy. Having the meals planned ahead of time is a great time-saver for family caregivers, who already have so many responsibilities. If your older loved ones live on their own and don’t have a home care aid, grocery delivery and food services may come in handy. Elderly relatives require extra assistance with getting to food stores.

Give your elderly relatives a project they can work on

The threat of catching COVID-19 is still present, so seniors should stay at home to avoid close contact. People over the age of 60 and those with underlying health problems like diabetes or lung disease are at risk for severe illness. It’s important to make sure that your aging parents or older relatives are staying engaged. Give them a project to keep them occupied. For instance, have them make a family album. Self-isolation is now the new normal, so your older loved ones might be missing their usual outings. Not being able to leave home doesn’t mean the end of good times. Your elderly relatives need assurance that they’re not alone.

Caring for elderly relatives can be a huge burden. Home health care can make things a lot easier. Make sure that your aging parents or older relatives receive high-quality care by hiring a reliable agency. A home health aide is the ideal choice for your if your older loved ones have an illness or disability and require constant medical attention. If you’re doing the hiring yourself, choose the organization that you think will provide the best care.

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