Aetna Insurance

At FAITH MEDICAL SERVICES, we accept various payment options, including your Aetna private insurance. Under the Aetna home health care nursing policy terms, your insurance will cover skilled nursing care if the services are offered to you by a licensed practitioner and meet these criteria:

  • Your loved one has a medical condition that requires a complex level of care that can only be provided by a professional nurse
  • Skilled nursing services are needed on an intermittent or hourly basis (one visit should last for a maximum 4 hours)
  • The skilled nursing service is not custodial (aimed at helping them with daily tasks that a non-professional could also handle, such as bathing or getting dressed).

Necessary home health nursing services under Aetna insurance

Keep in mind that your Aetna insurance plan will cover the costs of home nursing services only if they are medically necessary. To this end, the following conditions apply:

  • The person in need of nursing services is homebound, meaning that they are physically unable to leave their home without considerable effort.
  • The services offered are medically necessary and not for the client’s comfort or convenience.
  • The nursing services were recommended by a certified healthcare provider and are relevant to the patient’s treatment plan.
  • The nursing services are provided as an alternative to continued hospitalization in a hospital, clinic, or skilled nursing facility.

Please note that home infusion services are not considered to be part of Aetna’s Home Health Care or Skilled Home Health Care Nursing Services benefit.

Flexible payment plans for your family’s peace of mind

If you’re not sure if your insurance policy covers our home health care services, we’re here to help. We’re constantly striving to add more insurance providers to the FAITH MEDICAL SERVICES network, so contact us today at (770) 907-7226 and our experts will gladly help you understand our payment options.

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