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When a relative or loved one is no longer able to look after themselves, life can take a stressful turn. If you cannot visit them daily, you may be worried that they could slip and fall, forget to take their medication or even suffer a serious accident that could put their life in danger. This is why we’re here to help. FAITH MEDICAL SERVICES offers professional and compassionate home health care services in Atlanta, Georgia, so you can have the peace of mind that your loved ones are healthy and safe.

What are the benefits of home healthcare for the elderly?

Senior care involves so much more than nursing homes. If you’re still undecided on the right way to look after your loved one, here are some reasons why we think in-home care is a good option: Senior care involves so much more than nursing homes. If you’re still undecided on the right way to look after your loved one, here are some reasons why we think in-home care is a good option:

  • Comfort. Your parent will continue to live at home, in the safe space they are accustomed to, and follow their usual daily routines. 
  • One-on-one assistance. Your parent or relative will be looked after by one of our experienced and licensed caregivers, who will offer them their undivided attention and cater to their unique needs.
  • Independence. Since they will be living at home, your loved one will still be able to enjoy a certain degree of independence and create their schedule.
  • Cost-effective. Hiring a home caregiver is much more affordable than admitting your loved one into a nursing home.
  • Faster recovery. Post-surgery recovery is proven to take less when the patient is in a familiar environment. 

When is care at home recommended?

Don’t know if home health care is the right choice in your case? Here are a few situations when hiring a caregiver is better than a nursing home:

  • Your parent has gone through a medical procedure and needs someone to supervise them during recovery
  • They are still in relatively good health, but need help with personal hygiene, cooking, taking their medication, or running errands.
  • You worry that they might hurt themselves or suffer a home accident
  • They have from Alzheimer’s Disease or Dementia

What do we offer?

We will begin by assessing your needs to determine what type of care your loved one needs. Then, we will find the perfect home caregiver who can stay with your loved one for as long as they need, whether for just a few hours a day or full time. During this time, they will offer personalized assistance with whatever is necessary, from keeping your loved one company to helping them take their meds and following their meal plans.

Why choose our home health services

  • We are state-licensed, Medicaid certified home healthcare providers
  • We have a team of professional and compassionate home caregivers who undergo ongoing training
  • We are available 24/7 and for emergencies
  • We take the time to understand your individual needs, and we respect your loved one’s integrity
  • We accept a wide variety of Medicaid programs and insurances
  • We are a Drug-free Workplace certified, Bonded & Insured

Do you worry that an aging loved one is no longer safe while living home alone? Contact us today at (770) 907-7226 for an assessment, and we will help you offer them the care and attention they deserve!

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