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When one of your loved ones struggles with a severe medical condition or injury and needs home health care services to recover, we’re here to help.
At Faith Medical Services, we aim to help families in Atlanta, Georgia, make sure that their sick loved ones get the help they need to recover in the comfort of their own homes. We provide tailored home health care and skilled nursing services to individuals who have a severe illness or injury in a comfortable and familiar environment to them.
Moreover, we value the families of our patients just as much as we value our patients. Thus, we want to help with the payment of the home health care costs by accepting health insurance from various providers, including Amerigroup Insurance, as a payment for the services we offer.

The Amerigroup Medicare Insurance plan covers more than just hospital and doctor visits in case of illness or severe injury. The policy also covers costs for other medical services needed by sick patients, including skilled nursing and home health care services like our company offers.
With the Amerigroup Insurance, you can pay for the home health care services we provide to your sick loved one. This way, you’ll get your peace of mind knowing that your ill relative is adequately taken care of, and you don’t have to struggle to figure out finances.

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Amerigroup Insurance is one of the insurances we accept for our services of home health care and skilled nursing services.
If your loved one needs home health care services and owns a health care insurance policy from Amerigroup, you can contact us at (770) 907-7226 for more information on how to use the insurance as a form of payment.

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