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Many Georgia residents continue to commute daily to the homes of their elderly relatives because they fear that they couldn’t cover the cost of a professional home caregiver. But did you know that Medicaid can pay for the home care of your loved ones if you qualify? This way, you can have more time for yourself, and have the peace of mind that your relatives are cared for by one of our experienced home health aides.

What are Medicaid home care services?

Medicaid is a health program that offers health coverage to low-income adults, children, pregnant women, seniors, and people with disabilities in the United States. It’s one of the primary sources of funding for individuals and families in need of nursing home care, allowing them to maintain a good quality of life without financial challenges.

Do you qualify for Medicaid home care in Georgia?

To qualify for Medicaid home care in Georgia, you need to meet two requirements:

  • Medical need: your loved one’s medical state will be evaluated to establish if they are still able to look after themselves, or require professional in-home care. For example, if they are over 65, have a disability, and need assistance with tasks such as cooking meals, meet the medical requirements.
  • Financial need: the resource limit to qualify for Medicaid in Georgia is $2,000. This amount is the same, no matter if your loved one lives in a nursing home, receives community care, or lives independently. Both money and property count as resources, but the state of Georgia counts the applicant’s home as an exception unless you have more than $572,000 in equity in it. The applicant’s vehicle also doesn’t count as part of resources.

What services does Medicaid pay for?

The services covered by Medicaid may include the following:

  • Home health care provided by licensed medical professionals (doctors or nurses).
  • Home care or personal care. This service can be offered by a non-medical caregiver and refers to day-to-day tasks such as bathing, cooking meals, grooming, or getting dressed.
  • Homemaker services such as general housekeeping, doing laundry and shopping for groceries.
  • Minor home alterations such as wheelchair ramps and walk-in bathtubs.
  • Nutrition services. This includes home food delivery, as well as nutritional counseling.
  • Driving people to and from medical appointments
  • Medical equipment and supplies

Medicaid programs we accept

At FAITH MEDICAL SERVICES, we believe in flexible and affordable care costs, which is why we accept the following Medicaid programs:

  • CCSP
  • ICWP
  • GAPP

We understand that choosing the best home care services for a loved one is a major life decision and that finances play an important part in the equation. If you’re not sure which payment option is right for you, don’t hesitate to reach out by calling (770) 907-7226, and we’ll gladly assist you.

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